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      Guangdong Province, Chaozhou City Hanjiang Coatings Co. Ltd., founded in 1993, is a professional R & D, production and sales as one of the large-scale enterprises.

      the company has a strong technical strength, high-quality staff, reliable production technology, perfect quality control system, to ensure superior product quality, in 2002 through the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification; by Beijing shibolian innovation science and Technology Research Institute (Research) produced and identified as the country through the selection of outstanding innovative technology the results, won the “ China BrandName Title &rdquo. The main products are &ldquo long hair; ” Jin Jiang card, card, card, high-grade Meierjia series of waterborne engineering exterior wall paint, interior wall latex paint, paint, ceramic painting process cement paint, primer, waterproof surface oil, waterproof and heat insulation paint, colored paste and various types of stainless steel metal drawing oil, waterproof products, white latex, putty powder, wood paint, tile adhesive, building materials and other products, enjoy a good reputation in the industry, by the user's trust.

      the enterprise in line with “ excellent products, excellent service ” purpose, in addition to different customers to provide a variety of different latest products, but also according to the special requirements of customers on behalf of the production. We welcome the establishment of friendly technical cooperation with all business friends to create a better future!